New iPhone OS 3.0 provides copy, cut and paste at last!

Posted on Mar 18 2009 - 10:10pm by Richard Sharp

After much industry and public anticipation, details of the many new features that will be available when the Apple iPhone OS 3.0 is released have now been announced. One of the major annoyances with the current iPhone capabilities (or lack of them) is what some might call common sense features, and certainly one in particular is available with many other smartphones but is noticeable by its absence in the iPhone.

Users have long complained about such an obvious element as cut, copy and paste being missing from their precious iPhone, and now the wait is finally near an end, as Apple have confirmed that this function will now appear in the new and improved iPhone OS 3.0, and we feel like shouting from the rafters ‘about time too!’. This particular function will be accessed by double tapping the Text on the iPhone screen, this will launch the edit text in a bubble giving options to cut, copy or paste, to undo a process it will be a simple shake of the handset to cancel. A further addition to the copy and paste format will be the ability to send email messages with multiple pictures included.

The iPhone OS 3.0 end user developments also include the ability to send and receive multimedia audio and picture files via the mobile phone network. There is also a really useful search function called ‘spotlight’ which will allow a quick search to be performed of your iPhone content from calendars, contacts, media as well as so much more.

There will be huge advances for the developers of App’s functions, this will allow developers to include content such as Google maps, Bluetooth connectivity, streaming video and audio. There will be options to have apps with a subscription fee charged, ‘push’ function, in-game voice application. In fact there are so many new features that we can’t wait to get our hands on the new and very much improved iPhone OS 3.0, and there is also a rumour that existing iPhone 3G users will be able to obtain a free upgrade of their hardware, now if its true then that is something to shout about from the rafters!

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