New iPhone Specs Released?

Posted on May 21 2009 - 3:01am by Richard Sharp

Specs For The Next iPhone Leaked?OK, first things first, rumours regarding the iPhone have never gone away ever since the first details of its touch screen beauty were released to the general public and even now rumours of the next generation of Apple’s world beating phone continue to spread. If the rumours turn out to be true, and not just a ploy to try and take some of the attention away from the newly announced Palm Tre in the USA, then it looks to be more of an all round improvement than anything else – although admittedly the improvements do look impressive.

While the phones will keep the same price tags it is said that the storage will improve from 8GB and 16GB to 16GB and 32GB respectively. The camera will be improved from 2mp to 3.2mp and video recording and editing capabilities will also be introduced. RAM will be doubled, battery life extended by 50% (perhaps they could utilise an air battery) and an OLED screen will be introduced. An FM transmitter and improved GPS will also be added to round off what looks to be an extensive list of improvements.

Of course, the emphasis in all of this is the word “if”. That is, IF the rumour sturn out to be true and IF all of these improvements really do occur then it’s all pretty good stuff. The rumours appeared on the iPhone apps site and would like us all to mark the 17th of July down in our diaries as being a date to remember so that gives us about two months of denials, more rumours, and possibly some leaked news along the way.

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