New iPod Nano Design?

Posted on Aug 25 2008 - 3:16am by Richard Sharp

The New Nano Design?Rumours abound regarding the new look iPod Nano and Gizmodo is carrying a reasonably good looking picture although there’s some concerns over whether it’s quite as nano as its predecessors. Engadget is also carrying some rather more colourful images that, in my opinion, don’t do the design anywhere near as much justice.

Of course, there’s also the very real possibility that the images are completely fake and the best reason readers seem to be able to give for that view is the mini USB that is unlikely to ever grace any incarnation of an iPod in the near future; it’s just not going to happen. In that case, the question is, who the hell does the design belong to? Should we expect another entrant to the market posting their own renders as leaked nanos for a bit of free blog advertising?

According to the founder of Digg, the Nano is to be replaced by the end of next month with a new look but don’t get your hopes up too much because he has made some monumentally incorrect assumptions in the past. If it is the real thing then it’s major new direction for the Nano line in terms of form design.

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