New Lexus CT 200h Cleanest Luxury Hatchback In Class

Posted on Sep 13 2010 - 11:13am by Matt Jackson

When it comes to hatchbacks and energy conservation, Lexus may not be the first name that you think of and when you hear the news that the new CT 200h from Lexus is the first small luxury car to drop below the 100g/km of CO2 emissions. For those interested in buying one, it’s also worth noting that the CT 200h doesn’t compromise in terms of either quality or performance in order to gain these impressive figures. In fact, it is seemingly designed for comfort first and reduced carbon emissions second.

It uses the latest generation of Lexus Hybrid Drive and has levels of NOx and particulates that are virtually negligible. Not only does this mean that you can drive around in luxury without feeling guilty about the impact you’re having on the environment but it also means a cost saving because you won’t have to pay road tax and you can enjoy some serious company car benefits too.

There are four driving modes that basically let you determine how much of the electric drive you use. There’s also a Sports setting which remains an unusual feature in any type of vehicle that might be considered environmentally friendly. Normal, Eco, and EV are the other three settings. These effect more than which drivetrain is being used too, as they directly effect body, chassis, and powertrain controls.

It is not a bad looking little car either and is more than luxurious enough to be considered a luxury hatchback.

The Lexus CT 200h isn’t quite ready for release yet but will be shown at the Paris motor show at the end of this month, becoming available for purchase in the UK at the beginning of next month.

You can view official videos of the Lexus CT 200h on the GadgetsAndGizmos Facebook page.

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