New Nokia Maps Features

Posted on May 26 2008 - 2:48pm by Richard Sharp

Nokia Maps 2.0Nokia Maps has proven to be a successful addition to many of the more powerful handsets. The navigation software, in its latest incarnation as Nokia Maps 2.0, has recently been through the Beta testing stag already soliciting nearly quarter of a million downloads since its initial announcement in February of this year.

Nokia Maps 2.0 is now out of Beta and ready for general release to any compatible Nokia handset owner. New features make the software look pretty impressive, and it goes much further than being just a navigational tool including such things as interactive city tours, regional guides, and enhanced car and pedestrian navigation features.

Improved Drive features include a multi-stop route planner and an improved user interface with more quick navigation options.

Pedestrian navigation has become more complex offering visual clues to your whereabouts and a step by step guide to walk from one point to another – specifically designed for pedestrians.

Discover areas, cities, and regions using satellite imagery showing real worldwide cityscapes and views of your route. Multimedia city guides offer audio, video, and photos of your location.

Nokia has really hit the nail on the head with some of its most recent additions, and Maps 2.0 is no different. If you own a compatible handset it is by far the cheaper option to paying for Sat Nav systems and includes multimedia guides and pedestrian specific route planning that are quite unique and definitely beneficial.

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