New Philips Portable Media Players Coming Soon

Posted on Aug 11 2008 - 3:46am by Richard Sharp

Philips DCP951 PMPThere’s a big assortment of choices when it comes to Portable Media Players. It seems that electronics manufacturers see them as being as trendy and modern as many consumers do and no discerning home entertainment manufacturer would dare to claim they can compete if they don’t have at least one range of PMPs.

Philips are ensuring that they’ve got their contenders in by, despite already having a very popular and positive selection of such devices, have announced they will be releasing more and that they will look better and offer a sleeker form than their counterparts.

One of the seven new devices they plan to launch over the space of this year, the DCP951 has an iPod Dock that expands from the device when required. The dock is completely retractable so once you’ve docked your pod you can close everything back up again ensuring that no harm comes to your beloved little Apple.

Many of the range will offer unique features. Another device planned for release includes an SD slot and can be used as a digital photo frame rather than a PMP, if you really want to spend all that money and then waste it with photos. The devices will cost anywhere from £120 up to £200 depending on the model and features.

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