New Samsung Q1 Ultra Portable PCs

Posted on Aug 1 2008 - 3:26am by Richard Sharp

New Samsung Q1 Ultra Portable PCSamsung is sort of really embracing the ultra potable PC idea, although where many manufacturers have trimmed down their PCs and subsequently their price tags, Samsung looks to be going the other way. With that said, the majority of ultra portable PCs don’t offer the kind of all singing and all dancing features that the two new Samsung Q1 devices do.

The Q1U-CMXP is not only ultra portable but ultra connectable and is clearly aimed at the multimedia, web surfing, commercial users. Built in HSDPA mobile broadband modem is combined with an 80GB hard drive, and an Intel 800MHz Ultra Portable processor. It runs Windows XP Tablet Edition.

In contrast, the Q1UP-V UMPC is certainly aimed at business type users, or perhaps mobile bloggers (who knows?). It has an impressive 1.33GHz ultra low voltage processor from Intel, runs Windows Vista Premium, and doesn’t have the mobile modem.

Both units have a 7” touch screen and WiFi and Bluetooth connections. They will also both cost the equivalent of about £800 when released in the USA, so they’re not for the faint hearted. While they do have a certain handheld games console style to them they look pretty rugged as though they should stand up to a reasonable beating.

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