New Samsung Tocco Review

Posted on Jun 26 2009 - 8:58pm by Richard Sharp

samsung-tocco-ultra-editionThe glut of smartphones being released at the moment means that there is a truly competitive and diverse market from which the well informed consumer can pick a splendid handset to suit their needs. Samsung are a top quality electronics manufacturer and their talents are well respected in the mobile phone market. That’s why the new Samsung Tocco ultra, the follow up to the very successful Tocco F480 of 2008, is such an exciting handset for those in the know, and should be high ranking on most people’s must have handsets list. But what is it about the new Samsung Tocco Ultra that makes it such a great buy? Let’s break down the most pertinent information to help you make an informed decision.

Samsung Tocco Technical Specs
The Tocco Ultra, like many of its smartphone competitors, is a phone with a touch screen interface. The screen itself is 2.8″ in size and is pleasant and responsive to the touch, using a haptic interface which gives you a little buzz of force feedback when you depress an on screen icon. This means that it feels like you’re actually pressing a real button and makes using the screen a lot easier. Though it lacks the multi-touch capabilities of some competitors this isn’t something that will really put most people off. The Tocco Ultra has one more trick up its sleeve in terms of interface that might put to bed the fears of touch-sensitive sceptics. The screen can be slid upwards with a flick of your thumb to reveal a traditional alphanumeric keypad that you’d expect to find on traditional mobiles, which means that you can either stick with the touch interface or when dialling you can use the physical keypad for extra precision. This means that there’s the best of both world in terms of user interaction. In terms of the display quality the new Samsung Tocco is close to the top of its class thanks to the cutting edge screen technology. To cut out the technical mumbo jumbo, it’s simpler to say that the Tocco is capable of displaying detailed images at a decent resolution and with 16 million colours available in its pallet, all very impressive stuff. On top of the decent screen there’s a very limited 75MB of internal memory, but this problem is quickly rectified as up to 16GB of storage can be added if you purchase an SDHC memory card.

Samsung Tocco Software and Multimedia
samsung-tocco-ultra-edition2The new Samsung Tocco is packed to the brim with innovative software. Like the original handset there are the handy widgets which are essentially mini applications or shortcuts that you can arrange on the home screen as you see fit. This makes the new Samsung Tocco a customisable handset that puts you in charge, so whether it’s up to date weather reports, a calendar or times from around the globe you want at your finger tips, it’s up to you. The new Samsung Tocco Ultra is also a very well equipped phone when it comes to media playback. All of the most common and popular file types are supported including DivX, Windows Media Video and of course audio formats like MP3 and AAC. This means watching video clips or listening to your favourite music can be done whilst you’re on the go.

Samsung Tocco Photo and Video
Another area in which the new Samsung Tocco excels is when it comes to digital photography. Though it’s not marketed as a dedicated camera phone it does have an 8 mega pixel camera mounted on the back which can also shoot video at a decent 30fps. The wealth of adjustable photography options are extensive and things like face recognition and auto-focus make shooting easy for beginners.

Samsung Tocco Smart Features
Like all good smart phones the Tocco has GPS satellite navigation built in which also means you can go around geo-tagging all of the snaps you take so that you never have to argue about where you were when you took the photo. This also means you won’t get lost when you’re out and about either. With HSDPA and 3G network connectivity it’s also easy to upload your photos and videos to a social networking site or your blog with speeds of up to 7.2Mbps download speeds. Isn’t technology fabulous? Stereo Bluetooth tops off the connectivity, though it would have been nice to see the inclusion of a full sized headphone jack which is one area in which the Tocco is left behind by the competition. It’s also a pity that Wi-Fi connectivity wasn’t added in, but in a handset that’s a little over 1cm thick there’s already tons packed in, so you shouldn’t be left wanting.

Samsung Tocco Conclusion
The new Samsung Tocco Ultra is one of the sexiest, slimmest smart phones on the market that squeezes every last drop of available hardware into its petite frame. Though it is lacking in some areas you’ll not find such a well featured phone that is so elegant to use and to look at.

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