New see-through bikini – now that’s got your attention!

Posted on Jun 1 2009 - 9:02pm by Richard Sharp

All our regular readers will know that all of us here just love our job reporting on all the latest gadgets and Gizmos that the industry can push out, however sometimes you get us all fighting over the same article, and none more so than the ‘see-through bikini’ job that landed on our desks!

Well as you can see I won, and boy was I disappointed as not only is the bikini not see-through (in the conventional sense) but to add insult to injury I also had to look at guys parading about in their trunks too! Why, because the swim wear is available in ranges for men and women and the see-through fabric is in fact only see-through to the sun! To the human eye it looks every bit as though it is a normal fabric however the sun’s UV rays are able to penetrate the special fabric to give an all over tan.

The innovative ‘Transol’ patented fabric of the new swimwear range by Kiniki, is made with thousands of special microscopic holes weaved into the fabric which allows for 80% of the suns rays to penetrate to give that glorious all over tan. If the costume is held up to the light it appears to be see-through, but once worn the cleverly designed patterned fabric confuses the human eye and the modesty of the wearer is preserved (and I did have a good study just in case!).

Prices for this sun-worshippers dream product are pretty reasonable with the cost of a pair of briefs starting at £17.43 and rising to just under £35.00 for a swimsuit. The range comes in various styles and patterns and from UK sizes 8 to 20 and men’s small to XXL.

As you might expect there have been screams of horror from the British Skin Foundation who recommend using a spray tan instead of sitting outside for long periods in the sun. However it is a fact that beaches are full of people sunbathing, swimming etc in the pursuit of a perfect tan and so nothing is going to change that. However it must be said an all over covering of a high factor sun cream must be applied to stop burning, now ladies if you are looking for volunteers ……….!

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