New Sony Vaio Laptops

Posted on Sep 15 2008 - 1:26pm by Richard Sharp

new Sony Vaio LaptopsThere’s a couple of new Sony Vaio laptops set to do the rounds; both are priced in the £500(ish) price bracket and, as you would expect from the Vaio range, they have good features combined with nice styling to provide a great overall mobile computing experience. The laptops will enable users to enjoy the latest high definition entertainment offering the option of a blu ray drive (although it doesn’t come cheap unfortunately).

The 15.4” NS utilises the best Sony has to offer in screen quality so that you, in turn, get the most out of your multimedia content. Core 2 Duo Processor and a selection of RAM storage capacities ensures that everything runs smoothly. The cheapest of the range will cost around £300 to £400 but you should expect to pay another £150 or so to include Blu Ray.

The slightly smaller Vaio CS, with a 14.1” display has a unique keyboard design that apparently offers a more convenient and comfortable typing experience by adding more room between the keys and rows of keys. Music analyser and a special keyboard font round off this model and, again, models with and without a Blu Ray drive will be available.

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