New Ultra-Light Modu 1 Arrives Along With New Ultra-Cheap Android Mobile

Posted on Jul 16 2010 - 9:59am by Matt Jackson

According to the Guardian today a survey has shown that we’re really taking to Internet radio on our mobile devices and smartphones – so much so that 31% of radio listeners get their fix on the Internet and 13% of listeners have listened on their mobile phone or smartphone. Good news, then, for the radio broadcasting industry as two more smartphones are released and both should cause something of a stir in their own little way.

The Modu 1 ahs been promised for a while now and has finally made it through passport control and onto UK shores. It has been verified by the Guiness Book of World Records as being the lightest mobile phone ever made and if they say so then that’s good enough for us.

However the Israeli created mobile isn’t just a one trick pony (well, actually, it almost is). As well as being roughly the size of your credit card it also offers a modular design so that you can change its outfit according to your mood if you like. It has an mp3 player and 2GB of online storage but because of its diminutive form that’s about it for geeky apps and add-ons we’re afraid. Still, if size matters to you, and you don’t mind paying £120 for a very basic phone and a further £20 to £50 for a new jacket then it could be a good choice for you.

A more realistic option, though, is the latest Orange handset. The ZTE Racer, which sounds more like a game you would download for your phone than the actual phone itself, is a very cheap smartphone and it doesn’t run a rubbish generic operating system instead packing the Android operating system that is gaining in popularity. The phone costs £100 on pay as you go or you can have it free on a £13 a month contract – not bad at all.

Are you willing to pay over the odds for a phone you’ll probably lose in a week?

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