New Volkswagen Beetle Unveiled with Scirocco Styling

Posted on Apr 18 2011 - 11:25pm by Richard Sharp

Volkswagen has just taken the wraps off of their brand new Beetle which will be aimed at both men and women, a trait which the current car is not as the majority of men don’t enjoy driving around in car with a flower on the dashboard. The original Beetle was first introduced in 1949 remaining largely unchanged before being discontinued in 1979 in European markets with the last car rolling off the production line in 2003, 65 years after the first car was built, over 22 million MK 1 Beetles where built making it the third most popular car of all time.

In 1998 the Beetle was resurrected in the form of the current model, aimed predominantly at the female market it has enjoyed various facelifts and has proven very popular. The new model has changed somewhat for today’s era which seems to almost always be aimed at the mid-twenty year old male market.

The body is a cross between the current Beetle and Scirocco, it is wider and looks more aggressive whilst still maintaining the bubble bonnet and wheel arches. The roof has been flattened to remove the unusual amount of headroom in the front and likewise the lack of headroom in the rear. The new Beetle will be the first ever model line to offer a turbo charged version which should give it the performance to match the new hot hatch look.

The new Beetle is expected to carry a October/November release date in the UK, would this interest you?


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