New York Times’ mirror uses voice recognition and Kinect

Posted on Sep 8 2011 - 10:55am by Julius

The New York Times is currently developing a computerized mirror that can deliver useful features, such as social networking and emails to users while using it in a bathroom.

The mirror works by using Microsoft’s Kinect and a Mirror TV that is reported to be developed by Philips. The TV functions as a mirror and a display. According to tech website Digital Trends, the TV is linked to a microphone and a Kinect sensor, which allows the device to use voice recognition and motion sensing. Additional interaction is provided via objects (prescriptions, skin care products) that have RFID tags recognized by the system.

The RFID tags is used to bring up necessary information about the product. For example, if you are not sure about the proper dosage of your medication, the mirror would tell you how much you need. Users can also use the mirror to reorder the medications if it was bought through a prescription.

The mirror can also be used for shopping clothes online. The Kinect camera scans an image of the user’s body type and enables them to overlay clothing on the body’s image before purchasing them.

This mirror developed by teh research and development labs at New York Times is still a prototype, so there is still more room for additional features and improvements. The mirror should not be limited to be used in bathrooms, it could also work well in any public places, including subways, buses and streets.

No specific dates have been given for the device’s debut, it would be cool to have a device like this soon.


via: Dvice

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