Next Gen Console Wars – An Update

Posted on May 7 2008 - 6:59pm by Richard Sharp

Sony Claims PS3 Will Regain Console CrownA lot is always made of the console wars. While Sony had pretty much the run of the battlefield with its first PlayStation, Microsoft and Nintendo have more recently staged serious bids to overthrow the all conquering heir. The Nintendo Wii remains the most popular console worldwide, with the Xbox360 holding firm in second place. However, the PS3 is gaining a real head of steam with news that it has now outsold the Xbox360 in the European market.

The Nintendo Wii was a hugely innovative games console, thanks to the Wii Mote. As a result of this, it is seen as bridging the gap between games consoles and the whole span of generations. Older consumers, as well as much younger, would be more inclined to play the Wii than either the PS3 or Xbox360.

Xbox360 gained a lot of the market share from its fiercest rivals, Sony, by releasing considerably earlier. By the time the PS3 was released, Microsoft’s system already had a plethora of high quality titles available. What was more, the Xbox Live networking play had also attracted large numbers of people.

Sony is estimated to have now sold approximately 16 million unites worldwide (compared to 19 million Xbox360s and 25 million Wiis). Billed as being more of an all-in-one home entertainment system the PS3 is more expensive than the Xbox360 but it represents one of the most affordable and realistic methods to purchase a Blu-Ray player.

As reported by BBC News, Sony believes it will overtake the Xbo360 in the near future and reclaim its crown as the leading games console within its ten year lifespan. Kaz Hirai, the head of the gaming console division at Sony, believes this will be achieved thanks to an improved line up of available games brought about by developer’s learning the technology behind the system.

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  1. PS3 July 17, 2008 at 10:58 am - Reply

    When PS3 Home comes out, i think the PS3 will catch up with the 360.

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