Next iPhone snapped, captured and scrutinised

Posted on Apr 20 2010 - 10:40am by simon

The next generation iPhone, which has variously been referred to as the HD and 4G, has been allegedly found lying about in a drinking establishment in the US and has since been confirmed as real.

Yesterday the internet was alive with news that leaked pictures showing a smartphone looking very much unlike Apple’s current iPhone 3G S, although these were initially dismissed as pictures of a fake iPhone manufactured in Japan.

Since then tech site Gizmodo got its hands on the ‘found’ iPhone and after poking it for a few hours decided to announce that the device is in fact a pre-release version of Apple’s next smartphone.

The most striking fact about the iPhone 4G/HD is that Apple has decided to scrap the curvy shell of the original in favour of something far squarer and slimmer. You might be forgiven for thinking that the device was made by HTC, which can only be a compliment to the Taiwanese manufacturer’s design credentials.

The prototype has been confirmed as running version 4.0 of the iPhone operating system, although sadly it seems that Apple enabled an automatic deletion of the phone’s memory from its Californian headquarters before any more information could be gleaned about the phone’s software.

The main points are these; the next iPhone will have a larger screen, a plastic shell trimmed with metal, 64GB of on-board storage space and a better camera with a forward-facing option for video calling. Apple has yet to comment on the pictures and videos posted of the new phone, but they may be silently cursing that one has slipped out into the public domain so early.

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