Nexus One to ditch OLED in favour of Super TFT LCD

Posted on Jun 29 2010 - 8:00am by simon

Rumours suggest that smartphone manufacturer HTC is going to stop using the famous OLED screens in both the Google Nexus One and Desire handsets from the beginning of August, choosing instead a Super TFT LCD (SLCD) display produced by Sony.

The 3.7 inch OLED touchscreen display that is shared by the Nexus One and Desire was a real selling point, but now Samsung, the supplier of the screens, has encountered issues with keeping up with the demand for the high end handsets. As a result, HTC has made an executive decision to go for a supplier and screen technology that will meet growing public interest in its Android-based mobiles.

The head of the US network provider Verizon broke the news about Samsung’s supply problems to Unwired View and although the OLED display has won praise from observers, it seems that the SLCD has a few tricks of its own. The resolution is said to be higher whilst it will be more energy efficient, although quite how this will be possible is a mystery at the moment as unlike OLED technology the SLCD will require a backlight.

Most current and future Nexus One and HTC Desire owners are unlikely to notice any marked difference if HTC does actually boot out the OLED screen in favour of an SLCD alternative. However, for those who do care about their gadget hardware, this could become fairly significant news and might have an impact on the appeal of the two smartphones, for better or worse.

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