Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera – First Impressions

Posted on Jul 18 2011 - 12:06pm by Richard Sharp

Last week Nikon invited me to spend the morning walking the Thames and markets of London to try out their new D5100 Digital SLR, a camera best suited to the amateur enthusiast. The morning started off with a briefing session at the London Bridge Hotel, after that we went on a guided walk with a Nikon professional photographer to test the D5100 out in the ‘wild.

We walked to the Tate Modern and took various photographs of the museum, Millenium Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral from south of the river. The D5100 performed well in my incapable hands, I used various effects on the Nikon’s spin wheel to see the difference. The trees below where shot in Vivid, Standard and Portrait to show how the colours differ when tinkering manually with the settings, the first photo of the trees is in auto mode.

Gallery – (be patient the photos are large)

[nggallery id=69]

Later we made our way back to Southwark and walked through the market, Nikon had gained permission for us to shoot off a few photos inside and outside of the market. I took the photo of the Sushi bikes using the colour picker tool, the camera sorted out the rest and I thought the result was pretty decent. Other modes to note include the photo sketch tool, I took a few photos of a piece of street art on the market doors and one of the Anchor Pub – both looked amazing.

I was impressed the Nikon D5100, it is a clear step up from the D3100 and also beats the older D5000 hands down. It is equipped with a 16MP sensor and is capable of shooting in full 1080p video making it an ideal camera for media students, budding professional photographers and high level hobbiests such as myself. A picture is worth a thousand words and although there is so much I could say about the camera i’d much prefer you took a look at the photographs for yourselves and leave any comments you might have below.

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