Nikon S1100pj Projector Cam Details Leaked

Posted on Aug 16 2010 - 10:37am by Matt Jackson

Imagine being able to wander round while on holiday taking photos and then getting back to your room and beaming the results directly on to your hotel room wall. No need for a PC or TV and you don’t even need any extra leads. That’s what the unique Nikon S1000pj digital camera did and the S1100pj, the next incarnation, will do exactly the same thing while also featuring a few extra nifty little features – we don’t think you have to take it in that rather nauseous looking citrus green but that may just be your thing.

The Nikon S1000pj was a phenomenon in its own right. Not only was it a really good quality camera but it also had the unique feature of a built in pico projector. It was surprising that the camera didn’t have a massive cult following, in all honesty, but obviously it performed well enough that Nikon felt it was worth upgrading and improving and they’ve certainly done that with some extra features and tech loveliness.

One of the few complaints you can have had with the original was that it was clumsy, at best, if you wanted to edit video. You couldn’t do so while it was being projected onto a wall or other surface for obvious reasons. The new remote control means that you can do exactly that making litle edits and tweaks on the fly and with the backing of a decent size picture.

There’s also a touch screen because there’s some kind of unwritten law that states new gadgets must in some way feature a touch screen (thank Apple for that). The phone will cost the equivalent of about £290 which really isn’t bad considering the features you’re getting.

Would you buy one if it were only available in metallic lime green?

Can you even get metallic limes?

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