Nikon unveils its smallest interchangeable lens cameras

Posted on Sep 23 2011 - 6:32pm by Robert

Nikon has finally gotten in on the mirrorless camera game with the release of its Nikon 1 line of cameras. With the Nikon 1, the camera manufacturer now has the chance to compete with Sony NEX, Olympus PEN and Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras.

The Nikon 1 uses a 1-inch CMOS sensor and, like Micro Four Thirds cameras, it has similar flexibility in accessories. The camera uses the Nikon CX-format CMOS sensor with a 2.7x crop factor, which means that the camera’s sensors are smaller than those found in Micro Four Thirds and significantly smaller than those of digital SLRs and Sony’s NEX cameras. Larger sensors generally offer better photos and lower noise, but are more bulky and expensive.

“The new Nikon 1 system is the culmination of more than 75 years of optical excellence and relentless pursuit to the unrivaled technological advancements in camera technology,” said Nikon’s Director of Marketing Bo Kajiwara. “Nikon’s new 1 J1 camera allows consumers to have confidence in a new way to express themselves, with amazing speed, versatility, ease of use and portability.”

What makes these cameras stand out is the Nikon EXPEED 3 sensor, which has two engines that can manage 600 megapixels per second, letting users capture photos in less time without reducing its quality

The camera currently consists of two bodies (the cheaper J1 and the V1) and three lenses. It was reported that the system will include an adapter that will enable photographers to use Nikon F-mount SLR lenses.

The Nikon V1 kit with 10-30 mm lens will cost a whopping £829, while the Nikon J1 will cost £549.99. The cameras will go on sale on October 20, with more accessories and lenses to be released later this year.


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