Ninja Star Push Pins: a cool way to reinvent office pins

Posted on Jul 14 2011 - 12:19pm by Julius

Ninja Star Push Pins are an awesome way to show your friends or co-workers that you mean business, helping you emphasize and affix important messages on your wall.

The product is highly recommended for people who want to add style to their workplace, ninja lovers and those who are looking for new gift ideas.

The Ninja Star Push Pin is shaped like a real shuriken or ninja star that was used by ninjas in Japan. It measures 2.75 inches from point to point and are sold in packs of three. A single point in the ninja star is replaced by two push pins for easy insertion.

The Ninja Star Push Pins, designed by designers at Chromoly, are made of injection molded ABS and they also have an authentic chrome plated finish. These stars can be used to stick aggressive-natured notes and make the person being targeted freak out. As a joke, of course.

According to the Chromoly web site, “Ninja Tacks are thumbtacks designed to give the illusion that throwing stars are embedded in a surface. This product is an informal re-imagining of an often overlooked essential office tool.”

The following is the Ninja Star Push Pins’ product specifications:

  • Made of injection molded ABS with a chrome plated finish
  • Three Ninja Star Push Pins per set
  • 2.75 inches tip to tip

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