Nintendo 3DS Cartidges To Include 8GB of Memory

Posted on Dec 19 2010 - 4:14pm by Richard Sharp

The brand new Nintendo 3DS might only be months away but that doesn’t mean the rumours around the handheld, glasses free 3D gaming device. The guys over at Kotaku have leaked some info that they sourced direct from Macronix – the company who manufacture the game cartridges for Ninty.

They speculate that the 3DS cartridges will have up to 8GB in storage, perhaps to cope with the complexity required to produce 3D or maybe the games are just bigger – time will tell.

3DS Cartridges - Huge in capacity, small in size.

Kotaku did also reveal that the ‘maximum’ capacity of 8GB would not all be used initially, it is expected that the first games will use 2GB, although this is only a quarter of the max capacity it is still four times larger than the current DS games.

If the rumour is true we would imagine games will get progressively larger as games developers tackle larger and more complex titles. Either way we will hopefully not have long to wait as the Nintendo 3DS is expected to launch in March 2011.

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