Nintendo DS 2.0 Due Next Year?

Posted on Sep 7 2008 - 1:48am by Richard Sharp

DS 2.0 Coming Next Year?There’s some mumblings on the Internet that Nintendo are to release the DS 2 at the start of next year and that it will feature dual touch screens, rather than a single touch screen and another display, enhanced wide screen displays, and undoubtedly a whole host of other additions, upgrades, and improvements. Nintendo, as is the way with such console related matters, has stated that it’s nothing but rumour but they all say that don’t they?

The DS remains one of the most popular games units and this popularity doesn’t exactly look set to wane in the near future but Nintendo has stated that there won’t be any major announcements about any new or improved hardware until next year which would make it a virtual impossibility to cause any kind of a stir for a brand spanking, next gen handheld device.

The chances are that the new DS may be an upgraded 1.5 type version that would hinder developers because they would still have to created games that were completely compatible with the current gen system. Whatever the truth may be, it fails to be any kind of a surprise when Nintendo do something surprising (if you see what I mean).

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