Nintendo Sales Down Despite Selling 3.61 Million 3DS Consoles

Posted on Apr 25 2011 - 11:08pm by Robert

Earlier Nintendo announced that the Wii 2 will have a 2012 release date and will be revealed at the E3 expo later this year which undoubtedly is good news. However, the financial report they released later in the day contained both good and bad news. To sandwich the blow lets start with the bad news.

Nintendo’s overall sales in 2010/11 (up to 31st March) where 29% lower than the previous year, that equates to $12.4 billion in sales with $825 million of net profit. Interestingly that means Nintendo produced 66% less profit than last year which could be due to increased production costs and perhaps the recent natural disaster in Japan, oh and a general downturn in sales too. So what’s the good news?

Basically despite contradicting reports the Nintendo 3DS has sold very well, they have shifted 3.61 million units globally to retailers (this isn’t the number of consoles sold to consumers). This will bolster the reduction in Wii sales down to 15 million units sold last year, a quarter less than the same period in 2009.

These figures are obviously not all doom and gloom but Nintendo will hope to bring sales back up to previous levels with the Wii 2 and Nintendo 3DS sales. With an array of new games including Super Mario 3D we don’t doubt sales will continue to pick up pace.

Source: Engadget


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