No Ice Cream Sandwich for Android…Yet

Posted on Oct 9 2011 - 1:12pm by Robert

Now that the fuss and hullaballoo is settling down over the Apple iPhone 4S we were thinking that the Android Ice Cream Sandwich launch was going to bring us, well, more fuss and hullaballoo to be honest.

It seems that isn’t not to be though. The operation system was set to be revealed to the world at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in San Diego next week but it has now been put on hold.

It was scheduled to tie in with the appearance of the Google Nexus Prime with the new system on the new phone but bosses at Google and Samsung have pulled the plug, stating that it isn’t the “right time”.

The Phone

Quite when the time will be right hasn’t been revealed yet but we will keep you posted. It is believed that the Nexus Prime will carry a rather large 4.65 inch HD display screen and a 1280 x 720p resolution. A 5 megapixel camera, 1080 Full HD video capability and a 1.5GHz processor have also all been mentioned in dispatches. It is also believed to have been designed without any front facing buttons.

The Operating System

Less is known about Ice Cream Sandwich and it will be interesting to see whether the phone or the operating system will take the limelight if both are launched together as expected.

It certainly looks at thought the new Samsung phone and the new Android operating system will be well worth waiting for but the question is how much longer we will need to wait before they are revealed. Perhaps the reason lies in why the upcoming launch was cancelled in the first place. We will keep our ears to the rumour mill and our eyes on the latest news to see what is happening.

Were you looking forward to the Google Nexus Prime launch or do you think that the iPhone 4S had taken away its moment of glory anyway?

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  1. dave October 9, 2011 at 4:52 pm - Reply

    what a load of toss

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