Nokia Comes With Music Nearly Here

Posted on Sep 3 2008 - 10:51pm by Richard Sharp

Nokia Comes With Music Comes To The UK... Only... For Now AnywayPreorders are already available from the Carphone Warehouse for the first Comes with Music handsets due to be released by Nokia in October. The handsets come bundled with a year’s free access to the Nokia Music Store and although the selection won’t be as wide as with Apple iTunes the pricing model is almost certain to guarantee Apple some competition in the marketplace.

Conusmers that buy any of the Nokia Comes with Music handset range will gain unlimited access to every tune in the database for twelve months. For heavy music listeners (and they are the target market of Comes with Music phones, you would imagine) that could represent a seriously inexpensive way to download and listen to music.

The UK will be the first and primarily the only country to get this unique service although it is widely believed that this will be used as a benchmark to determine whether the model has any efficacy and whether it can be released to the rest of the world. It makes quite a pleasant change to be the first and only, even if we are to be made into Nokia guinea pigs.

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