Nokia E71i To Include 5mp Camera

Posted on May 13 2009 - 3:47am by Richard Sharp

Nokia E71i To Include 5MP CameraThe Nokia E71 smartphone has proven to be one of Nokia’s most popular and indeed successful phone releases of 2008, selling around 10 million units in the 2nd half of last year. Following on its pretty impressive success, there’s rumours that a new version, titled the E71i in true Nokia fashion set to be released. The only real gripe that many people had with the original E71 and one of the reasons that even more people didn’t buy it was the fact that it only featured a 3.2mp camera. That’s about to change, with the biggest advance in the E71i being the upgrading to a 5mp camera instead.

Other changes will be fairly minor, although the handset will also feature new software in the form of S60 FP2 which will bring it in line with the software being hocked with the American E71x at the moment and a new colour scheme also looks likely. Other than this, it looks highly unlikely that any other big differences will be noted – it really is a good phone already so why make any potentially damaging changes to a popular and largely well received handset right?

It’s believed, according to a couple of sources, that the new handset will be announced in September or October of this year with some of the more hopeful among us aiming for a Nokia World release (that’s in September, by the way) and the perhaps more realistic with the belief that October is the more likely option. But then, who really knows?

Source – Unwired Review

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