Nokia Files Lawsuits Against Apple in Europe

Posted on Dec 17 2010 - 3:53pm by Paul

It seems that the legal battles between Nokia and Apple are still ongoing with no sign of an end after the Symbian phone manufacturers filed even more lawsuits yesterday in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Nokia has accused Apple of breaching a total of 37 patents, 13 of these represent the lawsuits filed across the UK, Netherlands and Germany.

The Finnish phone makers insist that they invented and indeed protected via patents various bits of tech that feature prominently on Apple devices – they include “using a wiping gesture on a touch screen to navigate content, or enabling access to constantly changing services with an on-device app store, both filed more than ten years before the launch of the iPhone”.

Don’t expect Apple to take the claims lightly, they are also in the process of suing Nokia for alledgedly stealing iPhone secrets, all of this will likely end in an out of court deal being penned, either that or we could see the two giants go head to head in the court room – we can’t see either publicly backing down.

What do you make of all this legal wrangling?

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