Nokia World 2010 Preview – Nokia N8, E7, Mobile TV, And More

Posted on Sep 9 2010 - 10:51am by Matt Jackson

Nokia World 2010 launches in London next week and as you might imagine there are vast corners of the Internet dedicated to what one might expect to be launched, not least the official Nokia blogs (of which there are a good 10 or so). Not wanting to be left out we thought we’d join in by taking a look at what we can expect to see from the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer.

Nokia has come under some scrutiny recently, especially from analysts, as while they do remain the largest mobile manufacturer in the world, they are relying more and more heavily on emerging markets and are getting left behind in the smartphone wars.

The Nokia N8 looks like it might change that and although there’s no sign of the N9 at Nokia World that too will help them. The E7 also looks likely to feature at the event along with a range of other smartphones showing just how seriously they want to become a part of the action with Apple and Google.

Web TV also seems pretty central to Nokia’s thinking. They say that consumers have been wary of image quality as well as the ability to achieve a stable enough connection on their mobile phones or smartphones to enjoy decent TV quality. They also say that they’ve put this right and can offer Web TV that consumers will love to watch.

Home theatre and music capabilities are also being improved and will be shown off largely on the N8, which will also be the device used to show off the new emailing system, greater functionality from Ovi Maps and other online features.

Most of the details generally hit the press before events like these start for real but it’s not unusual for a couple of surprises to rear their heads – keep your eyes peeled and join us on Facebook to get the latest headlines from Nokia World 2010.

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