Nokia’s Conspiracy For Good

Posted on Jul 23 2010 - 1:57pm by Matt Jackson

Conspiracy for Good is what is apparently known as an augmented reality drama. Basically, in slightly plainer English, what this entails is the creation of a virtual drama that is set online and in various forms of media, but also encourages active participation from players in the real world. The whole drama unfolds before the eyes of the player and Nokia has teamed up with Heroes creator Tim Kring so you can be fairly certain that it’s going to be major.

Nokia are sponsoring the whole affair although it isn’t strictly necessary to buy a Nokia phone. The whole thing is seen as something of an experiment in storytelling and it is most definitely a unique event that you might well want to be a part of.

The event is actually already under way and the first free game released on the OviStore was called Exclusion and to be fair it was really rather good. Players completing levels of this game would receive level codes that would lead to an encrypted message left by Conspircay For Good activists nd this message would lead to a forum behind the main site.

If programs like Heroes are your thing or you ever fancied yourself as a bit of a streetwise, modern day spy then you’re probably going to enjoy the whole intrigue and nystery surrounding the Conspiracy For Good. The main CFG website has more details on what is coming next.

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