Nokia’s Exciting New Virtual Reality Camera

Posted on Dec 9 2015 - 7:19pm by Robert

If you want to get involved in the cutting edge world of virtual reality then the Nokia OZO camera could be just what you need to film amazing sequences. All you need to do is find $60,000 (around £40,000) to pay for it.

The OZO was actually announced a while ago but it is only now available for pre-order, having been recently announced at a Los Angeles event. If you want to get your little hands on one then you need to pay a $5,000 (£3,300) deposit first of all.

The Finnish tech company have come up with a novel type of VR camera that has been made with film-makers firmly in mind, as it offers a professional level of performance. The unusual design features 8 shutter sensors across it, as the device uses 8 2k x 2k cameras which are synchronised.

Streams Live Footage


While capturing images it can turn a full 360 degrees and can also stream the live footage to a virtual reality headset. Among the early demos is stunning footage from NASA, while Nokia are also in talks with National Geographic about using this virtual reality camera.

If you still have some spending money left over after buying one then you can check out accessories such as the docking station that costs $1,500 (close to £1,000).
The Nokia OZO has 500 GB of internal storage, which allows it to store up to 45 minutes of footage. Shipping will

start at the beginning of 2016 for those who can afford to buy one.
Do you think that virtual reality devices like this will change the world?

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