NScessity Single Wine Bottle Cooler/Warmer Review

Posted on Jul 28 2010 - 11:50am by Rob

Sometimes a few guests come round unexpectedly and you have to give them either a cold red wine or a warm white one because there is no time to either warm or cool the bottle. Now that can oftern ruin the evening before it has even began, thankfully we have found a gadget that may help solve this problem. The NSessity wine bottle warmer and cooler.


As wine bottle cooler/warmers go the NScessity Single Wine Bottle Cooler/Warmer is quite robust; a sturdy black base type of thing which looks as though it could take a few knocks and still come back for some more. This is great news for people who enjoy more than the odd tipple of an evening. It looks like a posh slimline bucket which takes up less table space than the traditional bucket of ice some would ususally use.

What does it do?

Well it cools or warms wine, as deemed appropriate by the user. There are 10 temperature controls, which sounds an awful lot but some people are very particular about the temperature of their vino. Basically, it does what it should so you can drink your wine at the correct temperature without waiting about a long time. NScessity have designed their single bottle wine cooler to work using thermal transfer meaning it can work without a compressor, this means there is very little operating noise.


If you are an occassional wine drinker then a shade under 50 pounds may sound a little high for the NScessity Single Wine Bottle Cooler/Warmer. Regular drinkers, wine lovers/conisours, people who love to host parties and those others who just can’t see a good gadget without buying it will be content to spend this much on it.


For some this is not an essential household item but something which a certain group of people will be very pleased to have seen invented (if you are reading this review then you are probably in this category). Now we just have to work out if it is red or white that goes with our meal :-).

Available at : Argos | Amazon

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