Olympics Shown on Freesat Via BBC HD

Posted on Aug 7 2008 - 1:47am by Richard Sharp

Beijing 2008 HD Coverage On FreesatDespite its extremely lacklustre entry into the market, Freesat is coming on in leaps and bounds and it has quite a bit going for it already. After all, it’s a digital freeview service that also offers free high definition content; albeit in fairly limited supply. Well, following the news that Sky was going to be offering their customers HD footage of the olympics, Freesat has followed suit.

The footage will be made available courtesy of BBC HD, as you might have guessed, and will offer viewers free and unrestricted access to more than 300 hours of Olympic footage from the Beijing Olympics. The Olympics open on the 8th of the month so you’ve got yourself but a couple of days to rush out and buy yourself an HD ready TV and a Freesat dish and box.

Unfortunately, while this a great addition to an already expanding portfolio of HD content there’s still no sign of a Freesat box that includes PVR recording capabilities. Anything that enables you to pause Live TV while you make a brew or shut the dog up is good news and it’s possible that a lot more subscribers would be more inclined to get on board if there were a greater range of associated products.

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