One fifth of Brits can’t live without their trusty iPhones

Posted on Aug 2 2011 - 11:14am by Julius

Nearly a fifth, or 19 percent, of people from the United Kingdom say that they could not live without their iPhones, according to a study on consumers’ must-have devices and misfire purchases by online shopping website The survey, which has 3,000 respondents, was headed by research firm OnePoll on February this year.

The survey found that while many Brits say that their Apple smartphone is their must-have device, its number one competitor in the country, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry, has made less impact on the population, with only 7 percent of them saying that they couldn’t live without it.

While Brits show their love for their helpful gadgets, the study also revealed that not all products they bought are not as life changing as their trusty iPhones. A staggering 34 percent of Brits admitted that they have purchased devices they have never used.

Nine percent of British men have bought coffee machines that have never been opened, while 8 percent admit that they have never fired up their barbeque. The top five unused products in Britain are smoothie makers, sandwich toasters, coffee machines, break makers and steam cleaners.

Commenting on the recent survey by OnePoll, co-founder Duncan Jennings said, “Technological gadgets have become such an integral part of our everyday lives it’s easy to see why they have quickly become the things we can’t live without. They streamline our daily routines, save time and ultimately make life easier. What’s interesting is that the research shows that the nation’s mission to find ‘quick-fix’ solutions doesn’t always pay off, with many gadgets being pushed to the back of the cupboard without being used.”

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