Online gaming meets Playboy

Posted on May 12 2009 - 8:40pm by Richard Sharp

playboyFor the gamers out there who are also big fans of ‘lads mags’ you will be overjoyed to hear the news that a new Playboy game is in development. The ‘Playboy Manager’ is being developed for Playboy by Jolt Online Gaming and has been billed as a ‘Massively Casual Online Game’. The Playboy Manager game will be available to be played from any ISP and can be added to the player’s favourites, and is designed to be dipped into and played rather than spending hours bum glued to seat playing intensively.

Playboy Manager when released in the summer of 2009, will allow players to act out the fantasy of being a manager for a modelling agency who will promote the career of their model client, with the ultimate aim to have their model become a top Playmate and to eventually obtain residency in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. The game will be a multiplayer format and more excitingly will be free of charge with the likelihood of income being generated from advertising on the Playboy Manager game’s official site. The game is expected to involve experiencing the virtual world of the Playboy Playmate, from beautiful scantily clad women to celebrity parties and limousine lifestyles. Playboy Manager is not for the fainthearted as the game is likely to contain adult content, it is also reported as being of a trading card style, and is expected to feature videos and photographs.

Prospective players of Playboy Manager can pre-register and will be entered into a competition to win a lifetime subscription of the world famous Playboy magazine. To enter all you need do is visit the site and fill in the online form, and if you would like to improve your chance of winning then give a good reason in 140 words or less of why you deserve a lifetime subscription to the Playboy publication.

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