OnLive set to rock the gaming world

Posted on Mar 24 2009 - 10:01pm by Richard Sharp

onlive w300Are you continually frustrated that as soon as you get the very ‘latest’ gaming console that a competitor launches another that makes yours seem a has-been? Do you have a gaming console collection, from a wii to a PS3 and everything in-between? Do your wires get crossed and crossed again so that you are sitting a pile of gaming spaghetti trying to untangle them to play your next game? Then you will without doubt be excited about the latest gaming technology named OnLive, a rather insignificant name that hardly does justice to such a gaming phenomenon.

The new gaming console OnLive is currently being exhibited at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco which runs until the 27th March, and is causing somewhat of a stir. The OnLive console will allow gamers to play live streamed games over any reliable broadband connection, without the need for every conceivable console on the market. Just an internet connection and the new console (which is expected to retail at less than the cost of a wii) and you will be able to play on your PC without the need of expensive graphic card or memory upgrades or for that matter any other additional equipment, all the games will be played from the OnLive server which will provide a smooth gaming experience delivered in the true quality that the gaming developers intended.

The OnLive games console is currently being trialled in its Beta form and is expected to be launched at the end of the year in the US and hopefully will reach UK shores shortly after. OnLive is the brainchild of Steve Perlmann and Mike McGarvey, industry whiz kids who are hoping that the game publishers will get behind the new gaming technology in a big way. This effectively will mean no upgrades, no piracy no expensive add-ons, making this very attractive for the game companies as well as the consumer. Featuring interactive gameplay with other gamers, brag clips, leaderboards and player rankings, this is every gamers dream – roll on OnLive!

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