OnLive – The Virtual Future Of Gaming?

Posted on May 19 2009 - 3:02am by Richard Sharp

Virtual Consoles  - The Future Of Gaming?If you’re a bit of a 360 nut then you’ll have probably noticed that a lot of attention is being paid to DLC or Downloadable Content, especially by Microsoft but also by the major and not so major game developers of the world. What’s more, the Live platform at least is becoming better equipped to handle with this kind of gaming platform but OnLive offers a truly virtual console that takes this to the next step and could well represent the future of gaming and a major change in how things are done.

Essentially the whole thing (apart from a tiny little OnLive MicroConsole if you intend to play through your TV rather than your PC) is Internet based and this means that you could play your games from any Internet connected device; laptop, desktop, TV, you name it – if it’s online then it’s OnLive ready too. The Games On Demand service means that you can buy new games and then load and save those games directly over the Internet.

State of the art game servers help ensure that your connection is swift and your gaming always smooth and because it’s Internet based you only need an entry level PC to play some of the very latest games. Despite still being very much in its infancy the whole OnLive system actually has a decent take up from game developers already. 16 games including the likes of BioShock, Unreal Tournament, Fear 2, and H.A.W.X are already available as part of the BETA testing stage and that also indicates the major developers that are willing to give it a try – could the future of gaming be changing?

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  1. Onlive News May 19, 2009 at 9:12 pm - Reply

    I personally can't wait until beta testing begins this coming summer. Supposedly Onlive is going to allow almost anyone in the US to be a beta tester.

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