Orange £5 phone contract, cheapest in the UK

Posted on Jun 2 2009 - 8:29pm by Richard Sharp

If you have decided to make family sacrifices this year due to all the financial doom and gloom and one of the luxuries you have decided you can ill afford is your mobile phone contract, then you may well be interested in the latest monthly contract with Orange. Orange have just announced the cheapest mobile phone contract in the UK and at £5 per month it is certainly a recession buster.

Ok so it sounds great, but what’s the catch? Well the first one is that you would be signed into a 36 monthly mobile phone contract with Orange, which by any stretch of the imagination is a mighty ling time. But when you add up the cost of the full term Orange mobile phone contract it is only going to cost £180 for the 3 years and the savings if compared could be astronomical on a more standard Orange mobile phone £25 monthly deal, which incidentally over the same period would cost £900.

There has to be more catches, well yes you are right there are! The Orange mobile phone bundle only includes 50 free minutes and 50 free texts, so if you were thinking this would be ideal for a teenager to upgrade from a pay-as-you-go then think again, they will do 50 texts in a blink of an eye. No this is more for your very, very light user, someone who certainly is not going to have the phone glued to their ear all the time.

It isn’t all gloom though, if you were thinking that this would be a SIM only deal with Orange, then think again. This super low price Orange mobile phone bundle provides a Nokia 2630 handset and a further handset after 18 months. There are variations to this offer so it worth checking it out with Orange to see the best deal for you. A new marketing slogan might be – the future is cheap, the future is Orange?

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