Orange and Apple – a match made in heaven?

Posted on Mar 28 2009 - 10:22pm by Richard Sharp

orange and apple to partner upPractically everywhere on the internet at the moment are stories of Orange the mobile phone service provider teaming with Apple to supply MacBooks with Orange Mobile dongle contracts. It is expected that if Apple and Orange can agree on terms that the Orange MacBook deal to the end user would entail a 24 month contract with quite a high monthly contract price tag.

Orange are clearly hoping that they will be able to emulate the O2 Apple iPhone success, and by providing such an attractive proposition as an Apple MacBook they will get punters flying through the door to purchase a dongle contract. Of course one of the problems that anyone purchasing into this (probably high price) Apple MacBook 24 month contract with Orange are likely to be concerned about network coverage. Although Orange are one of the major mobile network service providers their have been many dissenters who feel that their network coverage is at worst sketchy. Any user who wanted a connection to the internet by a dongle would be reliant on network connection and certainly there are many areas in the UK such as Cornwall and Somerset who do not currently enjoy a good coverage.

Should the deal go through and it is believed to hang on whether Orange can guarantee the volume that Apple would require, then it is likely that the Orange MacBook Dongle contracts would be launched in the summer traditionally a poor time for mobile phone sales. Some figures quoted for possible costs of the contracts have been in the region of £38 to £40 putting this possibly out of the price range of the average user. However the Apple MacBook lovers out there who have often hankered after owning one but who can never quite bring themselves to stump up the cost of the price tag may just about push themselves to pay a higher monthly tariff to own one.

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