Orange Hiring Pretend Polish iPhone Buyers!

Posted on Aug 22 2008 - 12:08am by Richard Sharp

iPhone 3GJust when you think you’ve heard absolutely everything you possibly could have regarding the iPhone 3G, Apple goes and throws in something so incredibly bizarre that you have to sit up and listen even if you’re attempting to don the face of one who doesn’t care. The latest bizarre move, though, is actually by the Polish arm of Orange, who are hiring actors to recreate the cues that we witnessed on our launch day.

The iPhone 3G is set to launch in another 20 countries and Orange has made the bold (or just plain odd) move presumably to drum up the excitement to the level of fever pitch that we witnessed in the UK. What makes the whole thing even more incredible is that T-Mobile (also flogging it in Poland) has no cue outside their shop. If you were looking for a new iPhone and had the choice of a shop with a cue of twenty lining the pavement or a shop with no discernible cue you’re bound to go for the busy one right?

It’s amazing the lengths that manufacturers and retailers will go to in order to drum up business but sometimes you have to truly wonder about the sanity not only of the person that dreamed up the idea in the first place but of those that sat in the meeting and said “yeah, I think that’s a really good idea, we’ll run with it.”

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