Otterbox iPod Nano Armour Case Review

Posted on May 8 2009 - 8:06pm by Richard Sharp

Apple has won the hearts and minds of the world with its beautifully crafted nuggets of gadgety goodness, from the original iPod, the snazzy iMacs and the latest offering of the iPhone it seems they can’t put a foot wrong. The iPod Nano, now in its fourth generation, has been stomping all over the competition in the miniature media device market for some time, offering 8GB or 16GB of internal storage space, nine different colours to suit all tastes and a slim, narrow design that makes it the dinkiest iPod Nano yet. All of this of course means that the Nano is going to be a must have gadget and certainly high on many peoples’ gift lists, which also means that keeping it safe and secure whilst you’re out and about is essential. This is where the Otterbox iPod Nano Armour Case comes in. But what is this confusingly named product, and what on earth have otters got to do with iPods?

Otterbox iPod Nano Armour Case Functions
apl3-nan4g-01-c5otr_1Some people may already have bought Otterbox products in the past, and they are basically the go to company if you want to protect your mobile phone or portable media player as we put a lot of money into these things and don’t want them to get damaged. What they’ve done with the iPod Nano Armour Case is to recreate all of the benefits of their previous Nano protectors but add even more power to the small and secure design. The Armour Case is basically an all in one protection system for your iPod Nano. Firstly there’s the rubber which swaddles the Nano from all sides, ideal for absorbing any impact from a drop and keeping your iPod Nano in fine working order throughout the spills of everyday life. Then there’s the fact that the box is completely sealed once you’ve got the iPod Nano inside, which means that unlike previous generations of the Otterbox iPod Nano Armour Case it is completely waterproof. This means that wind, rain, dust, sleet and mud will all be kept out of the Armour case, providing all round performance and protection for your iPod Nano.



Otterbox iPod Nano Armour Case Design
apl3-nan4g-01-c5otr_2The first thing you’ll notice about the iPod Nano Armour Case is that it is constructed of completely clear plastic. This means that the stylish look of your iPod Nano won’t be compromised by any intervening screen and will be on show as much as you like. The white clips which secure the case closed and the white belt clip keep the whole design clean and attractive, and hark back to earlier iPods when the only colour available was white. It’s also intelligently designed with a thin membrane covering the menu wheel, meaning that you can access all of the controls of the iPod Nano whilst simultaneously keeping it entirely safe from damage and water tight. The membrane system is also patented, which means that no other third party case for an iPod Nano will provide you with the same level of functionality and protection, and the membrane itself is also pleasant on the fingers.




Otterbox iPod Nano Armour Extras
apl3-nan4g-01-c5otr_3The guys at Otterbox have thought of everything when it comes to this case. On top of the protection it provides there’s the option to add a neck lanyard to keep your iPod Nano where you can see it at all times. If you prefer a different method of attachment there’s also a belt clip for added convenience. This also makes the Otterbox ideal for outdoors types because it will resist all weather conditions and can be strung around your neck whilst you’re hill walking to keep your spirits up and your Nano safe and dry. It’s also compatible with any headphone set using the standard 3.5mm stereo jack so you’re sure of third party support. The one thing that Otterbox themselves do not recommend using their iPod Nano Armour for is scuba diving as it’s not made to withstand high pressures. However, this seems like a way of pointing out that their product will withstand all but the most extreme conditions, and what are the chances that scuba divers will see fit to use an iPod underwater? Somehow I think they’re slim.



Otterbox iPod Nano Armour Conclusion
So who would this case appeal to? If you’re a rambler or a sporting enthusiast who has to keep their tunes with them at all times then this is the ideal protection solution. Additionally if you’re an accident prone commuter who regularly braves wind, rain and storms to make it to work with your iPod Nano in tow then this is also a great solution. If you’re looking for total protection then look no further than the Otterbox iPod Nano Armour case.

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