Paint Jigsaw Puzzle

Posted on Nov 8 2008 - 12:36am by David Gray

PAINTPUZZLE.jpgWe have the ultimate mind blowing jigsaw to hand with the Paint Jigsaw Puzzle which will literally drive you crazy!

This is a jigsaw which comes with no picture, no dimensions, no corners and virtually no assistance for the would-be jigsaw enthusiast. There are no straight edges, there are 300 pieces to the jigsaw and it is in the shape of a paint spill. This is one of those jigsaws which will have you coming back for more and more and more until finally you will either do it or just give up.

While this is the type of gift which you may find interesting yourself it is probably a present you want to buy that know it all next-door who has 10,000 piece jigsaws lying on the floor which they managed to do in a couple of hours. Make a bet that they cannot complete the jigsaw in a day and you are sure to bring home the money with this literally impossible Paint Jigsaw Puzzle!

So next time you think that jigsaw you just completed was easy, take a look at the Paint Jigsaw Puzzle and you really will meet the match of your life which will infuriate, annoy and potentially beat you.

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