Panasonic showcases 152 inch 3D Plasma TV

Posted on Jun 10 2010 - 12:53pm by simon

Panasonic has created one of the largest televisions in the world, with its latest plasma screen measuring 152 inches across the diagonal and coming with 3D playback capabilities.

The size of the screen is impressive on paper, but it is the incredible native resolution of 4096×2160 that will really blow viewers out of their seats. Given that it supports 3D content, there is no other TV in the world that could reasonably claim to be its equal.

If you do not have the room for a 152 inch plasma TV in your home then you might consider its 103 and 85 inch baby brothers, which reduce the resolution to a more acceptable 1080p. The full sized beast will set you back the best part of £350,000 and so only industry buyers need apply!

The 152 inch TV will be available to buy at some point in the autumn and given that the launch of Panasonic’s 103 inch screen a while back attracted the attention of thousands of wealthy buyers, it would be unwise to assume that the 152 inch sequel will not make its way into the domestic environment of the super rich.

Panasonic has thus created a television that costs more than the average house and then made it so large that it could not reasonably fit it into most homes. However, if you did squeeze it into your living room, the resolution would allow you to sit relatively close to it without eyesight damage, which is a plus.

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