Panasonic unveils its new HDC-Z10000 2D/3D camera

Posted on Sep 2 2011 - 8:31pm by Julius

Panasonic has unveiled the world’s first integrated 2D/3D camcorder that is compatible with the AVCHD 3D/Progressive standard, the HDC-Z10000. The camcorder gives users broadcasting quality images for 2D or 3D filming, manual operations for use of professionals and an uncompromising sound quality -or so says the marketing blurb.

The HDC-Z10000 bridges the gap between the professional and amateur user in quality and cost, making the camcorder ideal for students, videographers and filmmakers who want to capture broadcast quality footage.

The HDC-Z10000 uses two 3MOS sensors for recording high-quality 2D and 3D videos in 1080p resolution. Unlike its lower end model, the Panasonic HDC-SDT750, the HDC-Z10000 has integrated dual lenses and uses two of the company’s 6.57-megapixel 3MOS sensors. This enables the camcorder to record two images simultaneously for the left and right eyes.

For the first time in a camcorder, its two large-diameter F1.5 lenses are treated with Nano Surface Coating to significantly reduce ghosting and flare, producing clear and crisp image rendering. The lenses can also focus as close as 17.8 inches, making it possible to capture close subjects in darker places than usual. The HDC-Z10000 has a 3.5-inch LCD screen with a 1,152,000 dot resolution. It is capable to record 3D videos and images without using 3D glasses.

The camcorder records videos in AVCHD format, supporting 1080i 3D and 1080p 2D videos. Aside from its LCD screen, the camcorder also features a 0.45-inch Live View Finder with 1.2 million dots. Video is directly recorded to SD cards, with two slots available for expanded recording capacity. Panasonic has not yet revealed the device’s pricing, which will be announced 30 days before its launch.

The specs sound good and now Panasonic just has to deliver the price point, will it be close enough to consumer tech to accommodate all? We’ll have to wait and see.

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