Panasonic Vera Cast IPTV

Posted on Aug 31 2008 - 2:10am by Richard Sharp

Panasonic Viera CastWe reported a while back on the proposed collaboration between Panasonic and Yahoo (Pahoo?) to create a flat screen TV that offered free Internet access and a few details have been confirmed at this week’s IFA event with pleasing sound waves being thrown around. Viera Cast IPTV works using an Ethernet connection so you don’t need to attach the television to your PC or any other magical box.

A scaled down brethren of the service is already up, running, and being sold in the US where owners can watch television or instead they can view their pictures and other media, check YouTube and numerous online accounts, and generally surf the web. The portal is said to be user friendly so anybody can use it but I’m not sure my Dad would take to it all that well in honesty (although I’m sure he’d love anything that gave him horse racing results without using text).

Due for release in Spring 2009 in the UK and is likely to feature on mid to high end Panasonic LCD and Plasma screen televisions. No longer a pipe dream, for sure, although that’s some considerable wait that probably has more to do with our shakey Internet connections than anything else.

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