Paper Shampoo Tabs

Posted on Jul 7 2008 - 12:30am by Richard Sharp

Paper Shampoo Tabs - Wonder Why They're Not More Popular?Paper shampoo probably isn’t one of those things you’ve often wished for. And, honestly, you’re probably no closer to rushing out and buying it right now either. However, if you’re a frequent traveller or you just really, really want paper based personal hygiene products rather than inconvenient and just plain difficult to hold liquid based products then you’re in luck,

Paper shampoo, as you’ve probably ascertained by now, is shampoo that is made of soluble paper. When water is applied to the small tabs they dissolve leaving you with a sticky substance in your hand that you can apply to your hair.

As yet, and despite almost countless seconds of searching, I haven’t found any created by the likes of L’Oreal so it’s probably something more of a Tesco All Natural range but each little packet comes with 30 shampoo tabs so that should be adequate for a family holiday away.

One of the big selling points for paper shampoo is that it’s easier to get through customs than carrying shampoo. Presumably that’s until the burly, and equally surly, customs woman struggles to come to terms with the fact you’re claiming to carry paper shampoo. One piece of advice, when she starts donning the rubber gloves, dump the paper shampoo and buy some from the supermarket on arrival.

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