Peanut Butter Maker Review

Posted on Jul 30 2010 - 12:59pm by Rob

Some gadgets are for the masses and some are for a group of people. Peanut butter could be described in this way too which is why this peanut butter maker is probably best suited to those of you who actually like peanut butter (sounds obvious I know).


The peanut butter maker comprises of a red base unit with a transparent peanut holder. It is not a design classic but it is a fairly compact size at 86 x 157 x 254m. It weighs just over a kilo when not laden with nuts, so it is light enough to tuck out of site when needed. The Peanut Butter Maker churns out the finished product in the handy dispenser. It comes with suction pads that we found to be essential in stopping the machine moving over the kitchen surface – this is not stated in the instructions so make sure you use them.

What does it do?

It turns peanuts into peanut butter. But’s that not all. It can be used with other types of nuts, to provide novel and wholesome spreads to delight your cashew biased friends with. You also have the choice of smooth butter or chunky (I personally think you can tell a lot about someone by the simple fact that they choose chunky over smooth). The Peanut Butter Maker comes with the warning that the grinding process can be quite noisy and it really is. Make sure you forwarn friends or family before starting the process because it can be heard throughout the house, on a positive note it is quite cool to watch the peanut to butter process.


To me 30 quid sounds about right for a gadget that can be used over and over again.


Who will buy this¨? Peanut butter lovers (no, really?) who want to produce their own spreads. The two real benefits I can see are that you are getting an entirely natural product and that you can experiment with different flavours. As I suggested make sure you try is with cashews.

Get the peanut butter maker from: Play | Firebox

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