Pets Eye View Camera Review

Posted on Jul 31 2010 - 3:38pm by Richard Sharp

This little gadget has been designed on the basis that you would like to see what your pet has been up to and to see life from their point of view. This little gadget takes and stores pictures on its’ internal memory so you can look at them at the end of the day. It’s big brother for your pet that is actually quite interesting and can have practical uses.


It is a small, lightweight little thing (5.5cm, x 5.5cm x 3.5 cm) which you clip onto your pet’s collar. When we tried on ‘Allfluff’, our gadget loving cat it did seem a little big and would probably be best suited to larger cats or dogs. The pet’s eye view camera is robust and survived all that our cat could throw at it. It is rechargable but can only take a decent picture during the day as the device does not have infrared, this would be cool as cats are nocturnal creatures.

What does it do?

Working on the assumption that your cat, dog or anacononda is unable to work even the simplest camera the Pets Eye View Camera automatically takes the pictures for them. You can set the period to every 1, 5 or 15 minutes and it holds up to 40 pictures. Included with the camera are a Lithium-ion battery and a USB cable for charging and downloading purposes.

It offers owners an insight into the lifes of their animals, you might be surprised what they get up to when your back is turned.


Many pet owners would love to find out a little more about their pets day to day life, this little camera can tell a story if your pet is adventouous. Many reviews have said that their pets rarely venture out of the garden so I guess it is a judegement only the pet owner can make, will your pet be a filmstar or not? We thought the pets eye provided an interesting insight into ‘Allfluffs’ day and discovered he likes to spend a lot of time next door. We would suggest that if you don’t already have a pet you’ll have to calculate the cost of buying one of those too.


Do we love our pets? We sure do.

Do we want to see 40 pictures of our cat licking itself and stealing small pieces of food from the neighbours? Well, actually yes. Yes, we do.

If you get fed up with seeing another slideshow of the sleep/bark pointlessly/sleep/sniff around a bit variety then you could try just leaving the Pets Eye View Camera lying around when you go out and leave you spouse alone. Now that could be an interesting photo collection.

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