Photos Reveal Camera Slot for Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation

Posted on Apr 3 2011 - 4:57pm by Thomas Sharp

Just when you thought Apple couldn’t cram a camera into any more of their devices photographs of what is supposedly the next iPod Nano have emerged sporting a cut out for a camera. What’s incredible is that the size and body of the next Nano appears to be the same, the same body, same 1.5 inch screen and a camera as big as on other devices.

The fifth generation iPod Nano also came with a VGA camera although Apple decided to remove this for the current model. Can you imagine trying to take a picture on such a small, square device? This is surely a hoax although 9to5 Mac says otherwise.

The initial report cam from Apple pro. The source has been pretty accurate before, they were the ones to first break news of the new Verizon iPhone 4 handset, iPad 2 details, previous iPod Nano’s touch screen and other big name devices. If these crude initial mock ups turn out to be accurate then Apple will have to move their belt clip to accommodate the new camera and users will have to become a lot more skilled to use the camera on such a small device.

Is a camera needed on the iPod nano?

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