Pico Z Just Got Smaller Meet The Pico Z MX 1

Posted on Feb 28 2008 - 10:30pm by Richard Sharp

pico_mx1_extreme.jpgYou may have read the review of the Pico Z helicopter I wrote a couple of months ago – well I am pleased to announce that Pico Z have made an even smaller version – the Pico Z MX-1.

Currently touted as the world’s smallest remote control chopper, this marvel of micro technology will flatter even the crummiest of pilots thanks to an auto stability system that makes woka-woka-ing around in tiddly rooms a doddle. Just like its bigger PicoZ siblings, the twin-channel Extreme has a crash-resistant polypropylene foam body and features super-wide infra-red control, a built-in lithium polymer battery and adjustable trim control – all this yet it weighs just 7 grams. It really is squintingly small. As ever, the transmitter doubles up as a charger and a normal charge of 20-25 minutes should give flight times of up to 10 minutes.

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