Pimp Your PMP

Posted on Jun 3 2008 - 5:15pm by Richard Sharp

Archos 605 PMPA PMP, or Portable Media Player, enables you to play all of your media while on the move. Video streaming, audio playback, and even TV recording offers portable media that is especially useful for those that lead hectic lives but still want to enjoy some of the finer things. The Archos line of PMPs represent some of the best that money can buy and now in their fifth generation, they are among the most advanced.

The 605 series features a 4.3” touch screen display offering 800 x 480 pixel definition. Depending on your own preference you can choose from a 4GB model with expandable SD memory slot, or a 30GB, 80GB, or 160GB model. By adding the DVR Station you can even record TV shows so that you can watch them back at a more convenient time.

The Archos 605 is also WiFi enabled so that you can connect directly to the Internet. As well as being able to stream content from your PC, using the ARCHOS Content Portal you can directly download music and video content or you can browse the Internet and share your content with friends and other devices.

Because Archos PMPs are now in their fifth generation of production, they do everything well. They support the greatest number of formats and include some unique features. As well as being able to view photographs and images you can edit them, add music, and create slideshows to share with others or transfer to another device. A huge collection of accessories and plug-ins can also be used to further extend the device’s functionality.

If you have particularly itchy feet and are constantly moving from one place to another then the Archos 605 GPS combines all of the above features with state of the art GPS software.

While the 4GB version does include SD memory, it also costs about £125. The 30GB model, which obviously offers a lot more on board storage, costs £160. You will need to fork out £200 or more for the 80GB and about £250 for the largest 160GB model. For the GPS model with 30GB of storage you should expect to pay £300.

Our advice if you want one of these is to really shop around because online prices can fluctuate ridiculously with a disparity of as much as £100 in the mid range categories, and more in the high end range.

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